Welcome to Gift-It!

Welcome to this exciting adventure in abundance!

What is Gift-It?

Gift-It is BOTH

  • an on-going, private Facebook group in which we post items (photo and description) we are gifting and request items we would like


  • a bi-annual event at which we gift items in-person.

How do you get to the Facebook group?

  • Send in your contact information via the “Sign Up Here!” page on this web-site or connect with us on Sunday on the patio after 1st or 2nd Service.
  • Once you  “Agree” to the Rules and Etiquette, we connect with you and invite you to the group. (How do I agree? via “Sign Up Here,” email or Messenger.)

Note: because of the security settings on our Facebook group, you will not find us without an invitation to join the group!

Since we are using high privacy settings on the Facebook group, each prospective member needs to be Facebook friends with at least one member of the Gift-It group in order to be added to the Facebook group. Directions will be sent, if necessary, via email or Friend requests will be sent via Facebook. If there are many Facebook accounts with similar names (e.g., John Smith), we may ask you to friend one of us first!

Our response times are usually fast, so if you have not heard back from us within a day or two, please, check your spam folder or email gift-it@theunitycenter.net.

Looking forward to seeing you online.

Happy Gifting!

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