Rules and Etiquette

Gift-It Rules and Etiquette


Gift-It’s success depends on everyone’s willingness to adhere to these shared principles.

Membership Requirements – You are a congregant of, or have been a visitor to, The Unity Center, 8999 Activity Road, San Diego, and are over 18 years old.

Standards for Your Posts and Comments – These types of posts are appropriate for Gift-It:

  • An offer of any item you would like to share, loan or give away for free.
  • A request for an item you’d like to borrow or keep.
  • Your gratitude for things you have given and/or received. (Gratitude is a core Unity principle and expressing it in your posts adds depth and richness to the whole Gift-It experience!)
  • Questions and discussion about Gift-It itself.
  • Non-appropriate posts: offers or requests for someone’s services, talents or time, or to buy, rent, barter, exchange, trade or sell anything. Please don’t post referrals or recommendations, or suggestions where to find a requested item. (You can send a private message with this type of information to a member who has requested an item, but not a post to the entire group.) Don’t ask for or offer money; ask for or offer the thing the money would buy.

Rules for Participating

  • Legal, Non-Political and Relevant – Gift-It items must be “legal”, so no alcohol, or drugs (prescription or otherwise) or “adult” materials – we know you will use your common sense! Please do not post or comment on political parties, candidates, government officials or ballot options. Post elsewhere your personal status updates, lost and found items, referrals to outside resources, community announcements and discussions unrelated to Gift-It.
  • Respect – Gift-It is based on trust, integrity and honesty, which are essential for deeper connections within our community to flourish. So be mindful of our participants and their privacy and property. Only post a message regarding an item, once you have been chosen as a recipient. Wait for specific permission from the gifter before removing anything from your gifter’s property. Remember that the gifting is always at the discretion of the gifter. Gift-It is not a source for gathering personal information, or to recruit others to join your group, philosophy or other organization.
  • Participating as YOU – Use your personal Facebook account, as opposed to a business Facebook account. It’s fine to offer or request items from or for your organization, so long as the offers or requests are not a means of promoting the organization. Be warm, friendly and show your personality. Our goal is to deepen our connections within The Unity Center community, so the following types of posts are welcome: “I remember Sally posted one of those a few days ago!”, “I think I have what you’re looking for, can you message me tomorrow?”, “I wish I had a spot for that wall hanging, it’s gorgeous!”. You get the idea: these comments relate to a post, are friendly and respectful, and help us to feel more connected.
  • Focus On Our Mission – As you participate, remember that the mission of Gift-It is to provide an ongoing, inspiring and convenient system to concretely practice the spiritual principles of kindness, generosity and abundance, while fostering friendships and deepening relationships within The Unity Center community.
  • Sincerity and Generosity – All Gift-It transactions happen with no expectation of anything in return, other than the joy of giving and receiving from your like-minded community. Give and request as frequently as you wish; there is no limit on the number of posts you may add to the group. Instead of clicking onto your favorite online retailer, why not post a Gift-It request first?
  • Helpful Gift Communication Details – Gift descriptions are best brief but complete. Gift-It items are all considered equal, so please refrain from posting the items’s original price or market value. Use full words and sentences, not impersonal abbreviations such as LOL or OMG. Include a photo (only one in the original post, please; you can add others in subsequent comments). If there’s a story or special history about your item, it’s great to include it. While Gift-It is intended for Unity Center folks, Gifts may be given to participants’ friends or relatives, and if so, please make that clear in your response, so the gifter is aware. When responding to a post, please communicate about your ability to pick up the item in a timely manner.
  • Changing Your Mind – If a recipient decides not to accept an item upon seeing it in person, they may decline it, but a gifter is not required to re-take possession if the recipient changes their mind after accepting it and taking it into their possession.
  • Kindness and Compassion – As a service to all Unity Center people, Gift-It assumes that there are many points of view within our community. Our Unity principles guide us in being accepting, respectful and caring of all. Diversity among Gift-It participants provides us with rich opportunities to give, receive and share with people who experience the world differently than we do. While posts and comments are not for these types of discussions, in our participants we welcome all philosophies, political leanings, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, races, beliefs and values. Any communication including insults, slurs, hate speech, incivility, cruelty or harassment is grounds for removal from the Gift-It group.

Privacy – One of the advantages of Gift-It is that the participants are all people associated with The Unity Center, so there is expected to be a level of trust. However, if you are uncomfortable about having someone unfamiliar come to your home to pick up the item, in your comments to the recipient, arrange to meet at a neutral place or at The Unity Center.

Patience, Patience – For gifters: wait awhile before selecting your recipient. You may want to choose a recipient with whom you feel a special connection, and that may not be the first person to respond. If there are no responses for awhile, you can “bump” your post refreshing it in the system), by commenting to let people know your offer or request is still outstanding. Once the item is gifted, please edit your post to let people know, however, please do not delete your post, so we have an ongoing history of the gifts made through Gift-It.

For recipients: to respond to an offer, add a comment indicating that you would like to have the item and why. Wait for the poster to comment back to you before you send a private message.

Questions and Help – ask our Gift-It Administrator for help in any aspect of Gift-It, whether technical or about our Rules and Etiquette. This project, is however, run by volunteers, so whenever you feel you’ve learned a new wrinkle or tip, please do share it so we all learn from each other. Thanks!

Grounds For Removal – Gift-Administrators have the right to delete without notice anything they feel does not belong in the group or anyone whose communication or action does not comply with these Rules and Etiquette.

Disclaimer – Gift-It, its Administrators and The Unity Center and its employees and agents accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, or legal liability claimed from anyone’s participation in Gift-It. You accept that you participate at your own risk. Any miscommunication or conflict between gifters and recipients shall be resolved between them, not by Gift-It, its administrators or The Unity Center.

© 2017 The Unity Center. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other mechanical or electronic methods, without the prior written permission of the copyright holder, except in the case of noncommercial use. For permission requests, write

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