Gift-It provides spiritual communities with a simple, fun and heart-expanding opportunity to offer and receive free, gently used items through an electronic network of like-minded people. Inspired by the growing “gift economy” trend, Gift-It is a mode of exchange where things of value are given with no explicit or tangible reward, but evoking intangible good feelings like respect, joy and caring. Through Gift-It we share our individual abundance so those treasures can continue to be enjoyed and valued within our communities.


What is Gift-It?

Gift-It is BOTH

  • an on-going, private Facebook group in which we post items (photo and description) we are gifting and request items we would like


  • a bi-annual event at which we gift items in-person.

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Rules and Etiquette

Gift-It Rules and Etiquette YOU MUST READ AND AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING BEFORE PARTICIPATING. Gift-It’s success depends on everyone’s willingness to adhere to these shared principles. Membership Requirements – You are a congregant of, or have been a visitor to, The Unity Center, 8999 Activity Road, San Diego, and are over 18 years old. Standards … Continue reading Rules and Etiquette

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